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EU Commission amends Ecolabel criteria for textiles
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  • Date : 2017-08-11
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3 August 2017 / Europe, Labelling, Textiles & apparel

The European Commission has published an amending Decision that tweaks parts of the criteria for awarding the EU Ecolabel to textile products.
The Commission set EU Ecolabel criteria for textiles in 2014. To be awarded the label, manufacturers must ensure that products and production recipes do not contain hazardous substances listed in the restricted substance list (RSL) at, or above, the specified concentration limits, or according to the specified restrictions.
The amending Decision further specifies to which textile fibres, and which intermediate textile products, the criteria apply. It also clarifies the exceptions applying when recycled fibres or organic cotton fibres are used.
And it prolongs the validity of the 2014 Decision to "maintain a stable set of criteria over a longer period of time". The criteria and their related assessment requirements will be valid for 78 months from the adoption of the amending Decision.
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