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Subsidy Appropriation Guidance for Electric Car Supply & Recharge Infrastructure Construction Project
Category : Energy & Waste Country : Korea Date : 2017-03-09 Hit : 449
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  • 1. Project Overview

    * Objective
    - Stipulating provisions required for efficient use and management of government subsidy by related local governments to implement Electric Car(hereinafter called “electric car”) Supply and Recharge Infrastructure Construction Project.

    * Grounds
    - 「Special Act on Metropolitan Clean Air Conservation」 Article 2-6, its Enforcement Order Article 3(Definition and Kinds of Low Air Pollution Car).
    - 「Clean Air Conservation Act」 Article 58 (Driving Low Air Pollution Car and etc.).
    - 「Special Act on Metropolitan Clean Air Conservation」 Article 24(Purchasing Low Air Pollution Car and etc.).
    - 「Subsidy Management Act」 and related regulations in its Enforcement Order.

    * Project Description
    - Project name : Electric car supply and recharge infrastructure construction project.
    - Project cost : Total budget 136,400 million Won.

    * Subsidy Program Enforcement Authority
    - The heads of local governments in target areas of electric car and its recharge facility supply(17 cities and provinces).

    2. Subsidy Appropriation Standard

    * Subsidy support is only made when purchasing road residing dust reduction equipments(cleaning vehicle) for the roads operated by subsidy program enforcement authorities.
    - Subsidy amount is subject to change depending on exchange rate and inflation rate every year.

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