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Guidance on Establishing Environment Ecology Plan for Abnormal Climate

1. Overview

* Objective
- This guidance is intended to promote active consideration on environment from the initial phase of development project plan establishment ultimately to perform development project which can better adapt to abnormal climate and live up to the nation’s environment conservation requests.

* Definition
- "Abnormal climate" is a unusual climate phenomenon showing abnormal flood, drought, heavy snow, extreme cold, extreme heat due to global warming and etc.
- "Environment Ecology Plan prepared for abnormal climate(hereinafter called "environment ecology plan")" means a plan established to comprehensively, organically connect, protect and manage all kinds of environmental elements and ecological functions between the project plan area and its surrounding area in order to plant environmental friendliness like enhancing adaptation to abnormal climate phenomenon due to global warming into development plan when planning and initiating this development plan.

* Major functions of environment ecology plan
- Functioning as a guideline for environmentally friendly development like constructing environment information on all kinds of environment ecology elements(ecosystem, terrain, natural scenery and etc.), ecological functions and etc. in the project area and its surrounding area based on scientific grounds and based on this constructed information, providing preservation direction for each region and project and selecting the preservation area.
- Graphitize ecological and environmental functions and etc. and build its database and overlap and integrate this to establish and apply it to environment ecology plan, functioning to establish nature-friendly land use plan.
- Establish land use plan based on environment ecology plan and function to prevent and mediate dispute and conflict between preservation and development.
- Enhance city ecosystem constancy and independence and obtain bio-diversity and obtain ecosystem soundness and function to reduce and prevent any damage due to abnormal climate like city flood and drought.
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