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Basic Waterworks Arrangement Plan Establishment Guidance
Category : Water Country : Korea Date : 2017-04-14 Hit : 547
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  • 1. Objective

    * Basic Waterworks Arrangement Plan Establishment and Change(hereinafter called “basic plan”) is a comprehensive plan established by The Minister of Land and Transportation, The Mayor of Special City, The Mayors of Metropolitan Cities, The Mayors of Special Autonomic Cities, The Governors of Special Autonomic Provinces, mayors and governors(hereinafter, the head of county is excluded) to properly, reasonably install and manage general waterworks and industrial waterworks according to Waterworks Law Article 4 and its Enforcement Order Article 6 and its objective lies in stably supplying water with good quality to enhance public sanitation and improve living environment.

    2. Establishment Scope

    * Plan Period : Plan Period, in its principle, should be every 10 years and every 5 years, its feasibility must be reviewed for change and the target year of the plan shall be after 20 years which consists of 4 steps, 5 year each.

    * Planned Area, in its principle, shall be the entire administration districts divided by city and county to establish the basic plan and regional range must be set for the basic waterworks arrangement plan for cities and counties under integrated operation.

    * Relation with other plans.
    - Main category plan : General plan for national waterworks, general long-term plan for water resources, metropolitan waterworks plan, basic city plan.
    - Subcategory plan : All kinds of waterworks and middle waterworks facility plan.
    - Other related plan : General plan for water demand management(incl. water demand management enforcement plan), industrial district development plan, residential district development plan, agricultural and fishing village arrangement plan, tourist district construction plan and other related development plans.

    For more information, see the attached file.

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