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Guideline on Eco-friendly Road Construction
Category : Climate & Air Country : Korea Date : 2017-05-12 Hit : 402
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  • Guideline on Eco-friendly Road Construction

    1. Purpose

    * The purpose of this guideline is to provide a road route selection method and item-specific road design method that can be used by road designers, related administrative organizations, etc., for planning, designing and construction of eco-friendly roads and applicable to road construction sites.

    2. Scope

    * This Guideline applies to roads(expressways, national highways, special metropolitan roads, metropolitan roads, provincial roads, city/county roads and district roads) specified in Article 10 of the Road Act and to review environmental aspects, depending on regional characteristics, environmental conditions, etc., and furthermore, to provide feedbacks during negotiation.

    * If there is any contradiction between contents of this guideline and provisions of relevant laws and regulations, the latter will prevail.

    3. Structure of Guideline

    * This Guideline are divided into eco-friendly road route selection and item-specific road design techniques.

    * The Selection of Eco-friendly Road Routs explain considerations during the planning and designing of road routes in the stage of basic and implementation design stage and procedures for implementation.

    * The item-specific road design method presents the design technique for mitigation of environmental damage for 10 major evaluation items associated with road business among various elements to be reviewed. The Design Techniques for Reduction of Environmental Damage classify various design techniques into avoidance and mitigation to reduce environmental damage by item. The proposed design techniques can be applied variously, depending on planned road route and region characteristics.

    For more information, see the attached file

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