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Title  Ultra Pure Water System thum image
Product name Ultra Pure Water System
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Company Hyundai Wacor Tec. Co., Ltd. Application Part -
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Date 2017-01-06 Hit 1088
Auto Controller Auto Flushing Function


* Moder No. : HRZ-100
- Power : 220V / 60Hz
- Size : 450W * 400L * 930H
- G.Weight : 37kg
- Storage tank : PE 50 LITERS with cock.



Auto Controller
Equipped with fully automatic Auto Controller and Sensors, They can run and stop operation repeatedly by detecting inlet and outlet water pressure automatically when the Switch is on. (Possible to check the operation status by LED lamp)

Auto Flushing Function
It’s on Auto flushing for one minute every 2 hours based on the cumulative operating hours by auto controller, for draining stagnant waters in piping forcibly to prevent pollution inside piping.

Emergency water supply function
Possible to supply Pure water constantly by emergency water supply function in case of the water outage.

2- WAY water outlet
Possible to supply each Pure water and Treated water separately by 2 way water outlet.

Dual TDS Monitor
Available to check the TDS of Feed Water and Pure water(treated water) in real time. Dual TDS Monitor automatically power off after 10minutes when no use of it to avoid unnecessary discharge of it.

The qualified parts application for drinking water
Application of the qualified non-toxic materials which were FDA, NSF certified


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