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Continuous pyrolysis technology for sustainable resource and carbon neutrality of waste
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Model: 연속 열분해 플랜트

Product Description

유기성폐기물(하/폐수슬러지, 축산분뇨, 음식물찌꺼기, 커피박, 감귤박 등)을 연속 열분해(Continuous Pyrolysis) 공정으로

바이오연료(가스/오일), 바이오차, 온수(공정폐열회수)를 생산

바이오연료+온수는 스팀 및 전력 생산을 위한 지속가능 대체연료 확보 및  화석연료의 온실가스를 감축하고 

바이오차는 탄소토양저장→토질개선→산림회복→온실가스 흡수의 토지개량재로 활용

난처리성 유기성폐기물을 기반으로 생산 된 바이오연료와 바이오차로 종합 탄소중립 솔루션의 자원으로 활용

Continuous pyrolysis of organic wastes (harvest/waste sludge, livestock manure, food waste, coffee foil, citrus foil, etc.)

Produce biofuels (gas/oil), bio-char, and hot water (process waste heat recovery)

Biofuel + hot water secures sustainable alternative fuels for steam and power production and reduces greenhouse gases from fossil fuels. 

Bio char are used as land improvement goods for carbon soil storage → soil improvement → forest recovery → greenhouse gas absorption

Biofuels produced based on organic waste and bio-char as a resource for comprehensive carbon neutral solutions



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