About Us

Environmental Science and Technology Education Network of APEC-VC

ESTEN is a free online learning platform for environmental science and technology. It is operated by APEC Virtual Center.

APEC Virtual Center is an APEC specialized center established within the APEC Policy Partnership for Science and Technology Innovation

(APEC-PPSTI), and it has been leading environmental science and technology exchange among APEC economies.

List of APEC Specialized Centers

ESTEN is the first and only online learning platform focused on environmental science and technology in the APEC region.

ESTEN strives to achieve sustainable development of the APEC region by:

1) Creating a free online learning environment that everyone can open and take courses

2) Supporting internationalization of environmental MSMEs by providing tools for B2B learning courses

ESTEN Courses
ESTEN MOOC - APEC국가 간 폅동교육과정, ESTEN ACADEMY - APEC교육기관 간 연계 고육과정, ESTEN BUSINESS 환경산업체 기술제품 B2B 교육과정